Building, growing & monetizing brands with remarkable people, stories & technology.
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Strategy + Management + Production


We’re craftsmen of the digital age. We can design & engineer websites, applications or robots. Most importantly, we can imagine and develop things the world hasn’t experienced yet.


We understand growth & engagement are the most important factors for brands. While our competitors get tangled in their pipelines and supply chains, our creative & technical versatility allows us to hone in on the rapidly changing market. Delivering a competitive advantage to win the market.


Return-On-Investment. We understand the importance of building a valuable channel to invest in. Also, we've spent a lot of time creating content that converts to cash.

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Moments in time.

The Simply Co.



Digital Strategy

Kendall Morgan

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Content & Monetization

Longevity Network

Website Re-Design

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Our Story.

  • 2006-2008

    The Vision

    While toiling away at a tech-provider, Prince devised a business plan for a concierge service that utilized media, design, and technology. While Follow the Prince has shifted away from its original focus, the goal of providing a necessary service through multiple channels remains the same.

  • March 2009

    An Idea is Born

    FTP hatched in the sun-baked hills of Malibu. We started with branding, website design, and back-end development. Our capabilities evolved with the needs of our client. When tasked with engaging consumers on a more personal level, we took to it with verve. User Experience & Marketing has become our specialties.

  • January 2013

    Transition to Full Service

    Building original ideas is how we understand the value of a brands vision. We started with a flashmob tool for Twitter and are testing what Social Television looks like. In addition, we wanted to tell the next wave of digital stories through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  • May 2017

    Phase Two Expansion

    FTP is expanding along with its portfolio. We've partnered with a network of 150M followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. We're leaning into the mission & vision with an innovative approach to the market by focusing on distributed networks across media, civic, & technology.

  • Let's

Our Story

Meet the founder & intentions.

Prince Boucher

Creative Executive

Prince Boucher is a creative technologist focused on serving activists, creatives & technologists. He started Follow The Prince to catalyze opportunities for following dreams. When he’s not writing or expressing ideas, you can catch him skateboarding from coffee shops to meetings. You can always reach out @PrinceBoucher anywhere on the internets.

We are a full-service creative strategy + production company established in Los Angeles. FTP is dedicated towards finding the nexus of art, science and technology in meeting our clients’ needs. We believe within each firm’s makeup lays an inherent brand that can be unearthed with the help of our partners. We embed ourselves in the communities our clients intend to reach, raising awareness with a post or a hash-tag, a documentary or a gif. Our versatility is only matched in our urgency to connect and create.

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